Summer Teams for 2019: We will be filling a 2022, 2023, 2024 2025, 2026, and a 2027 
Dates: June 17-July 13th ( 4 weeks)
Practices: 10 practices - 2-3 a week
Tournament: 3 ( 1 day local tournaments)
Registration: We are almost full but We have a few open spots left:  
Please email w  to inquire about availability. 
Please note: Girls doing summer are not required to do our fall clinic, and girls doing our fall clinic are not required to do our summer program.
Our goal is to build a solid, respectable program, therefore we want to be mindful of how we implement each team.
Please feel free to email: Maribeth Linares:   or Nick Mancini:   should you have additional questions we can help you with.