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“The Way It Should Be”


PLAY WITH PASSION at all times. I define passion by how hard you work when no one else is watching. When the coaches, refs, parents, fans or teammates are looking the other way, do you work just as hard?

WHEN YOU ARE ON OFFENSE and you do not have the ball, you should be thinking, what I am doing to get myself open for a shot (cutting) or what am I doing to get my teammate open for a shot (setting off-ball picks).

SLOW YOUR MIND DOWN – Learn to hyper-focus your attention so your body is moving in fast-motion but your mind is moving in slow-motion. Hyper-focus is when you are 1-on-1 with the goalie and you take the time to look him right in the eyes before you shoot.

PLAY SMART DEFENSE with you brain and your hustle. Play a controlled defense with your feet first, your body second and your stick third. Always call out picks and be ready to slide. When there is a loose ball on the ground, go after it with tireless intensity.

KEEP A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE by expecting mistakes. They are part of the learning process. If you aren’t making mistakes then you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. 

(Compliments of Coach Vince Legg)