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Guys - thanks again for a great program.  Liam learned a bunch... and he's looking forward to the Fall. We'll send in the registration this week. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.
Kathleen and Ray 

Hi, Coaches.
Nick, we weren’t able to find you after the last game this afternoon to say thanks for the season and for the time you put in with Charlie. This summer has been his best experience in Lacrosse – he learned a ton, made new friends, had fun, and is totally jazzed.  He had some great moments and some others he will learn from.  He got knocked down and he got back up, and he showed toughness in the face guys who were almost always bigger than he is. Charlie’s going to work on his stamina now (and maybe we’ll work on his height!)  You will see him in the fall.
Dave and Christine

Connor Maile will play Fall Lacrosse with the Warriors, I will mail the registration/check out Monday morning.  We wanted to take this time to say thank you to all three coaches for bringing Connor to the next level and pushing him to be a better player. Shawne & Wendi Maile

Nick and Vinny,
We want to thank you for doing such a great job this past month with Eddie.  He had a great time and talks about lacrosse all the time! We are glad that Vinny changed his mind over the winter.  He really admires you both!  You made lacrosse exciting for him again.  He hasn't felt that way about lacrosse since he started playing in High School in 7th grade. Relax and enjoy the rest of your summer, you earned it!!
Thanks again,
Jim and Terrie Schoenig

Hi Nick & Vin
I didn’t get a chance to talk to you this weekend, but I would like add a big thanks for the work that you do with the boys.  It is impressive how a group of boys can come together after so little practice together and do as well as they do.  This was especially true this past weekend when they were playing teams which play together a lot.  Ben really enjoys it and loves all that you teach him.
Many thanks!