Westchester Warriors


College Recruiting

Our Process Includes

Being educators for over 27 years we have great network and relationship with college coaches. We have sent many of our players to great Colleges and Universities like Syracuse, Hopkins Virginia, Maryland and Yale just to name a few.

  • Helping you find the “RIGHT” school for you that fits your athletic and academic goals.
  • Guide you and your family through the college process and your responsibilities 
  • Help you gain exposure by contacting coaches, tournament play and letters of recommendation 
  • Showcasing your game with guidance on video and how to make your highlight reel.

Westchester Warriors Alumni

During the year we will also hold a parent meeting to walk you through the entire process and what to expect in the near future. Many coaches either don't know how to go through this process, don't have the connections or feel it's not their job to do any of this. That's what we do and enjoy best!!