Westchester Warriors



My son who turns 14 this weekend and has been part of the Westchester Warriors for the last three seasons. He lives for LAX and is having the best experience playing for the Westchester Warriors. He has been part of three travel programs since he was 7 and Westchester Warriors is by far the very best. You are family when you enter into the Westchester Warrior organization. Coach Nick and Vin, besides being awesome Coaches, they know each and every child’s strength and weakness, and they personally work with the individual child to increase their abilities. They expect 100% (on time, work as hard as you can on the field and off, great sportsmanship). If your child wants to play/work hard in a travel LAX program, this is the very best program. 


Nick and Vin,

It's Kelly, James's mom.  I just want to take a minute to say THANK YOU for such a great summer season for James.  He had a great time, worked with some great coaches, made lots of new friends, learned A LOT of lax to bring back to Croton with him and is already looking forward to next summer!  If your Fall league doesn't interfere with football, he wants to sign up for that as well. Enjoy the rest of your summer and thanks again!


Guys - thanks again for a great program.  Liam learned a bunch... and he's looking forward to the Fall. We'll send in the registration this week. Enjoy the rest of your Summer.

Kathleen and Ray

Nick and Vinny,

We want to thank you for doing such a great job this past month with Eddie.  He had a great time and talks about lacrosse all the time! We are glad that Vinny changed his mind over the winter.  He really admires you both! You made lacrosse exciting for him again. He hasn't felt that way about lacrosse since he started playing in High School in 7th grade. Relax and enjoy the rest of your summer, you earned it!!

Thanks again,

Jim and Terrie Schoenig

On behalf of my son and myself, I wish to thank you and your incredible staff for accepting my son onto the Warrior 2024 team this year. From the start, your organization has been a top-notch operation hence my son's transition into the team was seamless. The coaching staff never disappointed in their lacrosse knowledge and ability to garner top efforts from the team. Of particular note I wish to specifically thank coach Mike Chiappa for leading our defensive team. 

It was clear this man knows how get the very best out of my son and his Teammates throughout the season. His skill and personality instantly made my son's season a special one. As you know, a kid's transition into a new team can be difficult the first year but I must say all of the kids, parents and especially the coaches made this season a great one for my family.

I look forward to my son's continued growth with the Warrior family for many seasons to come.

Thanks once again.


Thanks for your quick response. You guys certainly have a great reputation. Anyone who can beat Yorktown (an multiple times) and Huntington certainly gets a lot of credit.


Hi, Coaches.

Nick, we weren’t able to find you after the last game this afternoon to say thanks for the season and for the time you put in with Charlie. This summer has been his best experience in Lacrosse – he learned a ton, made new friends, had fun, and is totally jazzed.  He had some great moments and some others he will learn from. He got knocked down and he got back up, and he showed toughness in the face guys who were almost always bigger than he is. Charlie’s going to work on his stamina now (and maybe we’ll work on his height!)  You will see him in the fall.


Dave and Christine

I just want you to know what a blessing you are to our community and the Warriors lacrosse has been for our family. What you do is so impressive and such an asset for our girls. Mackenzie's renewed enthusiasm for the sport and excitement and enjoyment are due to you and your coaches. My significant reduction in stress about being in 4 places at once far away (for no good reason) is also a benefit of your program!

You have done an amazing job building the girls warrior program and the Piccos are very grateful to be a part of it!

Hope you have a great week!


Westchester Warriors,

I wanted to send you guys a note and let you know that my son Aidan absolutely loved his experience with the Warriors this fall.

As a parent, it was a pleasure to see him interact with his teammates and especially coach Lemma and Hirsch.

In addition, the boys on the team were the nicest group of kids. 

We look forward to a great summer with you guys.  I will be sure to share my experience with other parents as well.

Thank again.

John Brinn

Thank you for a great few months of lacrosse. We believe your program was by far, the best, most beneficial and enjoyable Chris has been associated with.  

Good morning both coach Savs.

Thank you both for a great fall. The players really enjoyed it, and for us parents, was a pleasure to watch. Your enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge shined, and that is what created the tremendous atmosphere for boys from several locales to jell! 

Connor Maile will play Fall Lacrosse with the Warriors; I will mail the registration/check out Monday morning.  We wanted to take this time to say thank you to all three coaches for bringing Connor to the next level and pushing him to be a better player. 

Shawne & Wendi Maile

Hi Nick & Vin

I didn’t get a chance to talk to you this weekend, but I would like add a big thanks for the work that you do with the boys.  It is impressive how a group of boys can come together after so little practice together and do as well as they do. This was especially true this past weekend when they were playing teams which play together a lot.  Ben really enjoys it and loves all that you teach him.

Many thanks!